DAY 1: the Angry Acorn
DAY 2: the Brutal Banana
DAY 3: the Cheese Cracker
DAY 4: the Drunk Dog
DAY 5: Eleven Eels
DAY 6: the Floppy Faced
DAY 7: the Giggling Goat
DAY 8: the Hideous Horse
DAY 9: the Impolite Itt
DAY 10: the Jalapeño Jam
DAY 11: the Knickers Karaoke
DAY 12: a far too Large Lager
DAY 13: a Minuscule Mammoth
DAY 14: Naughty Nancy…
DAY 15: the Obese Octopus!!!
DAY 17: the Quiz Queen
DAY 18: a Rampaging Racoon
DAY 19: Self Sabotage
DAY 20: Tinned Tiger
DAY 21: My Uncle's Ukulele
DAY 22: a Vain Vampire
DAY 24: the X-Large Xylophone
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