100 ans gewobag
plan de Berlin pour le magazine "berlinerleben"
beer label pitch Berliner kindl
🍺 Prösterchen! I found this guy in my stuff, waiting to be posted… I drew him a few months ago for a pitch and unfortunately he didn’t make it, but I would love to draw beer labels…
iMessage sticker app "UGLYGIFS"
Improve your conversations with "Uglygifs" my iMessage Sticker app! Very entertaining stickers, all animated frame by frame, handmade and guaranteed to be funny!
COVER FAMILY GUIDE 2018 "Zitty" & "tip" Berlin
Cover Illustration for the Zitty and tip Family Guide in Berlin 2018
gifs for everyone on GIPHY
city discovery Maps "Dresden magazine"
Maps and Illustrations for Dresden Magazine.
Halloween GIF Stickers on Giphy
Online Advent Calendar 2017
Learn everything about french culture in only 24 days with Karo Rigaud’s 2017 advent calendar…
Illustrated Facts For "Travelcharme" Magazine
Editorial illustrations for the Travelcharme "Reisezeit" Magazine. Illustrated vector infographics about holidays.
Fashion Show Poster Burg Giebichenstein Art School
Every year I draw one poster for the fashion show…
Post Vacation Blues "Travelcharme " Magazine
Editorial illustration for Travelcharme "Reisezeit" Magazine. Hand drawn, scanned and finally colored in photoshop. The best you can do when you experience a post vacation blues is to plan your next vacation!
Arbeit 4.0 DGUV
Serie zum Thema "Arbeit 4.0" im Auftrag von der DGUV.
Berlin's 10 Worst Jobs "Zitty" Magazine Berlin
You think you have a shitty job? Could be worse… Illustrations of the 10 worst jobs in Berlin 2016.
Online Advent Calendar 2016
Illustrated advent calendar: one day, one hand drawn illustration. No Photoshop, only one pencil, one eraser, one black ink Pentel brush… and a lot of humor and imagination!
What makes you happy? "GlĂĽcklich" magazine 2016
And what makes you happy?
mysterious insects papercuts
A few years ago I started to do simple and decorative insect papercuttings. Now I’ve decided to bring them further with this new series…
Organic food company Logo "Bauernhand"
Drafts I made for the logo of the new brand "Bauernhand", selling organic food from the Lower Oder Valley near Berlin, Germany.
Summer with the kids "tip" Berlin Booklet
8 Illustrations for tip Berlin Magazine. About spending the summer 2016 with your kids in or around Berlin…
New Forms of Work for DGUV
Soul Weekender Dresden Poster
Soul music from head to toes! Poster for the "Dresden Soul Weekender"
Berlin Family Guide 2016 "Zitty" & "tip" Berlin
A series of illustrations to explain what kind of sports parents should choose for their kids, depending on which capacities they want them to develop.
most hated berliners 2016 "Zitty" magazine
A very subjective list… but funny though!
Cover Family Guide 2016 "Zitty" & "tip" Berlin
You don't know what to do with your kids in Berlin? The Zitty family guide offers you tons of addresses and tips, so nobody will get bored…
cool Summer Shoes "Luna" Magazine
Fun illustrations of kid's summer shoe fashion 2016
Party poster
These are party poster that I made for friends of mine over the years…
Street Style Berlin
Street Style illustrations
website "GEBEWO" Berlin welfare organization
gebewo – Soziale Dienste is an organisation that takes care of homeless and socially deprived people in Berlin. They asked me to illustrate their website…
Fashion meets Illustration at "Gunvor"
Fashion Illustration for Gunvor's Vintage Shop in Berlin Mitte.
20 years "GEBEWO" Berlin welfare organization
gebewo is an organization that takes care of homeless people in Berlin.
Berlin Family Guide 2016 "Zitty" & "tip" Berlin
The best tips to organize an unforgettable birthday party for your child are to be found in the current issue of the Zitty Berlin Family Guide 2016… go and buy it!
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